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Help Help with my tactic

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Hey guys, how are you?

I'm a coach who likes to play attacking regardless of the team I'm coaching and for a long time I've done several tests to find the ideal combination using my favorite roles like BWM and IF, but at the moment my defense is very good, including me I already tested the tactic in the mls in the san José earthquakes and my defense was solid, but the problem that brings me here is my attack that is not managing to create many chances of goal, could someone help me to find the best offensive combination for my team start creating and scoring more goals?

obs.: the screenshot is from fm 22 mobile when I was testing the tactic on Jeonbuk



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Names of roles in spanish 🤦🏻‍♂️😅😅
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Please post a screenshot of your strikers attributes 🙂 if he has low-medium aerial, then change to FBs/IWBs and central passing.

Otherwise this guide “how to score more goals” with a 41221 / 4231 may help you…


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Nice attackers 👍 

Yeah it’s unlikely any of them will be aerially dominant. If you check the match stats screen for a couple of past league games, then I guess you have <20% crosses completed … I.e. a lot of wasted crosses.

Instead (I) have a central passing focus - encourages your WBs to pass centrally instead of crossing … and/or … (II) change your WBs to another role - limits them getting into crossing positions.

This may help give more passes down the center 👍 

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