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Career my SC Bastia Road to Glory


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this is my SC Bastia R2G. they start off in French Ligue 2. im using the tweaked Black Hawk tactic which is working so well for me, we are currently 3rd in the league, last season we finished 13th, then i made some transfers and boom. 


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we have a game in french cup tenth round against PSG. we were down 2-0 at the half time BUT SOME HOW WE CAME BACK AND WON 2-3!!!!!



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but then.... i forgot to save.... so i loaded it again and played hoping for the best, guess what, WE BEAT THEM AGAIN!!!! ON PENALTIES!! LATE EQUALIZER FROM A SUB AND IT GOES TO ET. THEN WE SURVIVE EXTRA TIME AND WE BARELY WIN ON PENALTIES!! WE OWN PSG. this time i saved it tho lol. (our gk who had a 4 match rating saved the final penalty)



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we finished 3rd in the league missing out on automatic promotion. in the playoff semis we got beaten by Brest... 1-2... we made it to the semi finals of the coupe de france AND GOT BEATEN BY BREST AGAIN!! (the last 4 teams in coupe de france was hilarious, there was a semi-pro team who sadly lost to lorient i think) we signed lots of wonderkids and regens, ill see how much money ill get so i can make good transfers for our first team. Payet is sadly retiring after a great season with us


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