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Tactics Franky's BLITZ Tactic (high scoring with rock solid defence)


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Hi all...... This is my Blitz Tactic for FMM 23, high scoring and rock solid at the back. Just started a new game in League 1 and twelve games in, have scored thirty one and conceded just two. Will do a full write up later but you can really just use it with any team with no specific player requirements except for the striker, who ideally should be a target man type that has at least 15 aerial ability in order to make the most of the barrage of crosses from the full backs. I've tweaked the set piece routines so you don't get hit on the counter, hence only two goals conceded in twelve games so you'll have to download the tactic to get the most from it......... If you go ahead and are satisfied with the score, switch to balanced mentality and at any point in the second half, use the time wasting option. If you are an underdog team, just use balanced mentality from the off and switch to attacking if you go behind.

Please give it a go and leave feedback, I'm very confident you will absolutely love this tactic.








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Would be interesting to see the stats after a whole season, and supplied a test with another team also. 12 games is hardly enough for other members to see.

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Thanks a lot bro, i was able to bag the french cup back to back with Stade Brest with this tactics before moving to Napoli where i bagged every trophy including the ucl.

Changed my striker role to advanced forward, it suits me better. At least my strikers were able to score 33 & 27 individual goals respectively.

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