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Chat Need to find a 4231 tactics where WB is the main goal scorer


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Sorry for my bad english. I want to find a 4231 tactics where IWB score more goal like seriously i want to try some new experiments in this game. 4231 tactics with IWB and winger strikers are winger

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A few suggestions:


(1) to ensure your IWB moves forward, they need to be pushed forward in the DMR / DML positions.

(2) to ensure your IWB moves forward every time you get the ball, go with an attacking or overload mentality.

(3) to ensure your IWB is one of your most advanced players, have most of the other players behind him.

(4) to ensure the other players don’t steal your IWBs goals, have the other players on support / creative roles.

(5) make sure your IWB has great shooting, decisions, movement - high aerial, strength, pace and stamina would also be helpful.

I’d start testing a tactic like these:



If you want to read more:

  • someone on Vibe succeeded with a (split?) 1k goal scoring challenge with IWB - I can’t find the thread but you could search for it.
  • or you can checkout this discussion about the two low banks of four (and how it affects WBs / IWBs) - link below


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