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Chat Do you find board expectations totally unrealistic?


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I recently started a game with Peterborough United, got promoted twice in two years, then got to the PL and was offered a measly budget (30 million) with the minimum expectation of a midtable finish. 

After 31 league games I am 13th on GD with a game in hand that could take me to 10th with a draw. 

The board then sacked me after being knocked out the FA away to top of the league....

There are so many errors to this game, but this takes the biscuit. What club would sack a manager who took a small side to the PL, and who led the team to almost mathematical safety with 7 games to spare with no budget?

My guess is the game is engineered to maximise profit. You get three seasons in and are sacked for no reason, then the sack screen offers you an option to pay 1.50 Euro to be let off, or 3.50 to be permanently "join the board"..... I get the feeling the game is purposefully broken to sell this content.

I find the same with the sugar daddy option. I've had games in the Belgian league where I won the CL and got 3 million budget the following year. Almost like the game is engineered to only be realistic if you pay..same with no good coaches ever available (yet you can pay to upgrade)...

After buying the mobile game every version, I've had enough.... Same crap game engine rolled out with the same errors or ridiculous unrealistic nonsense.


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I dont think i have ever been sacked at this game at all. Had couple of board unhappy with results but ive yet to been sacked. Ive managed all top 10 leagues for couple of seasons atleast.

U dont have to pay for those unlockables as you can earn them all by playing good (expect Editor ofc). 

Were u bad run or something ? How was your squad morale ? How was ur finances ?

I dont really believe its game problem, just try to get better results mate.

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6 hours ago, sussexpob said:

My guess is the game is engineered to maximise profit.

Hello, I disagree with that point of view. I have played several editions of the mobile version without spending an additional € and achieving trophies and success year after year. On contrary to look at improvements I think (already said in another post) the range of time to transform a club from a lower division one to a continental competition participant is too little, cause the financial dynamics has to be improved. 

The sacking issue is a separate problem (see my favourite career on FM23, Eintracht sacked me after winning the title, with good finance and 5 days before the UCL final..and with totally false reason. This is because 5 players were discontent, and this because in the present version the board evaluate you in different areas. Thanks God sometimes things become unexpected, if not, achieving trophies would seem only a question of time. 

For your career. Take your stuff, go to the job center and wait for the right team and prove Peterborough they were wrong (the same I did with Eintracht) 


PS the maximize profit games are the one you can get for free. Have you played some of them? I did. Nothing so boring and less detailed. In that case, achieving trophies is only a question of money you spend, on the long term. 

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7 hours ago, sussexpob said:

My guess is the game is engineered to maximise profit

I also disagree with this.

Though it does sound unfair that you were sacked given - or to be more precise - it does sound unfair that you were given a mid-table expectation together with limited funds. Can understand if you feel angry by that (I also would be!)

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