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Fun/Games FMM23 Game Of Agents


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The Game Of Agents : A FMM 23 Interactive Game

Hey guys, before we get into the details of this game, you can see from the title that this one will be all about "Agents". Player agents had been a much important role in modern day football, with the likes of Mino Raiola who own the rights of Pogba, Donnarumma and lots of football talents, as well as Jorge Mendes who have players like CR7 and Bernardo Silva under his agency. This game will be all about agents, where you play as a football agent, searching for some young talents, have them living up their expectations, selling them for high value, and repeat! Credits to @Kun Aguero & @mcandrew003 for past editions.

In case you don't know how the game works, check out some of the previous versions:


How Does The Game Work?

Every agent who signed up for the game will have a starting budget of 50 million, which you can used to buy the rights of 1-5 U-21 players. Fee to buy a player depends on the market value of the player. Once you bought a player, you may decide the future of the player by requesting a move away from his club. While in this game, to request a move, you simply request in the comments, and list out some aspects you look for in the player's new club (etc : a mid-table Premier League team with only 1-2 strikers for your young Ansu Fati), and I will list out some potential clubs. Make your choice and off your player go!


Choosing Your Players

As mentioned above, you will have a starting budget of £50 million, which you can use to sign 1-5 U-21 players. Note that the leagues loaded are England, Spain, Germany, Italy & France.

May I suggest to pick at least 1 striker, 1 midfielder, 1 winger, 1 defender & 1 goalkeeper. That way you will be able to compete on ever leaderboard.

This is not a must, you may buy 5 strikers if you wish so.


Selling Players

You will be able to sell your player's rights to either other agents or to me. In the case of selling the player's rights to me, the fee you earned will be 75% of the player's current market value. While for selling to the other agents, it all depends on your negotiating skills, you can either offer cash or players in exchange.


How To Win?

Well there is no way to win the game, but there will be some leaderboards (ex. Value, Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers, ...)


How To Sign-Up?

Just leave your name down, with the 1-5 players you have chosen, choosing players will be in a first come first serve basis. Remember, you have £50 million to spend on 1-5 U-21 players, leagues loaded are all leagues in England, Spain, Germany, Italy & France (Starting date will be July 1). 



There will be no deadline for the signup, and signup will be closed when we have sufficient agents joining.

Feel free to signup and any suggestions are welcome.

If you see a mistake or have a question, let me know.


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