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Chat Opposition scout reports: worth paying attention to?


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Should I listen to my scout and try to counter expected opposition set-ups (formation, pressing style, etc.) Or just wing it? I've not found anything which gives suggestions as to how I should interpret the recommendations but I know that the same formation and style of play I put forward varies wildly in success from game to game.


Any advice?

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15 hours ago, TrueSpark said:

Should I listen to my scout and try to counter expected opposition set-ups (formation, pressing style, etc.) Or just wing it?

Something in the middle. You should have a basic common frame and vary some of the instructions, if the opposition level is quite different from yours. General rating and match quotes will give you an idea. 

 Changing nothing at all or deeply change every game the tactics will lead to poor results. 

Detailed info like the suggestion about the danger of a single player can be evaluated game by game, depending on how easy they can be taken in to account in your tactics and by means of your players (i.e. Messi is dangerous, ok. Does it make sense to change a position of a player to follow him? Has this player the ability to do that?) 

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The scouting is telling you they THINK the opponent is stronger than you. And you should have a tactic that is similar to your usual system, but able to take a little more pressure.

However the keyword is THINK, the scouts will be influenced by reputation and form a little too much. If you're taking over a new team take a little more weight into that scouting report, but never let it heavily influence your decisions on a squad you already know well.

In fact I have a few instances where I think the scout report does particularly poorly:

  1. Already not sufficiently aggressive and inviting pressure onto your team, then scout report will often interpret this as "Oh no team bad, keel over harder"
  2. Building a good squad for years in preparation for getting promoted and doing well in the new league, but the scout report just thinks these higher reputation players are better even if definitely untrue
  3. You have a specific advantage you've managed to craft for yourself, though it's true your squad overall is worse. Scout report might tell you to counter, but if that's not your specific advantage you almost certainly must play to your strength rather than try to counter
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