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Scandi Flick

Exploring the Advantages & Disadvantages of Creative Freedom

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the creative freedom options in FM23 Mobile:

1. Disciplined:
- Players with disciplined creative freedom tend to stick to their assigned tactical positions, providing a structured and organized approach.
- They're less likely to take unnecessary risks or make imprudent decisions.
- This option can be beneficial for teams that prefer a more conservative and defensive style of play.

- Players may lack individual creativity and spontaneity, which could limit attacking opportunities.
- It might become predictable for opponents to defend against, as the team may lack variations in their attacking movements.

2. Balanced:
- This option offers a good balance between structure and creativity, allowing players to express themselves while maintaining some tactical discipline.
- It provides flexibility and adaptability during different phases of the game.
- Teams utilizing the balanced creative freedom option can combine a solid defensive setup with creative and incisive attacking play.

- It requires players to have a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as they need to make calculated decisions on when to take risks and when to stick to the game plan.
- It may not suit teams that prefer an extremely structured or ultra-attacking approach.

3. Expressive:
- Players with expressive creative freedom have the freedom to create and try unconventional moves.
- It allows for more dynamic and spontaneous attacking play, often leading to surprising and unpredictable movements.
- This option is great for teams looking to dominate possession and create scoring opportunities through intricate passing and movement.

- It can lead to inconsistency and errors, as players may take unnecessary risks or make impulsive decisions.
- Defensive stability might be compromised, as players may be more focused on attacking rather than tracking back.
- Teams lacking technical proficiency might struggle to effectively implement an expressive creative freedom approach.

Ultimately, the choice of creative freedom option depends on your team's style of play, the players at your disposal, and the tactical approach you wish to implement. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your squad to determine the most suitable option for your team's success.

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