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Scandi Flick

Goalkeeper vs Sweeper Keeper: Who will concede less goals?

Goalkeeper vs. Sweeper Keeper: Who concedes fewer goals in FM23 Mobile?

- Focuses on shot-stopping abilities and positioning within the goal
- Emphasizes a solid defensive foundation
- Less likely to make positional mistakes or get caught out of position
- Provides more stability and reliability in the backline
- Tends to concede fewer goals due to a conservative approach

Sweeper Keeper:
- More aggressive style, often ventures out of the goal area to clear/intercept balls
- Greater risk-taking behavior may lead to mistakes or being caught out of position
- Can be advantageous in certain situations, especially against high-pressing opponents
- May concede more goals due to higher vulnerability when caught out of position

- The likelihood of conceding fewer goals depends on various factors like player attributes, tactics, and performance
- While sweeper keepers can offer offensive support, they also carry a higher risk of conceding goals due to their aggressive nature
- Goalkeepers, with their emphasis on positioning and shot-stopping, tend to provide a more solid defensive base, resulting in fewer goals conceded. 

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