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Challenges Ribbons of Glory (Badges of Honour 2)


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Once upon a time, a fine young director named @Rob directed an acclaimed best selling series called Badges of Honour. It was truly groundbreaking and generated record interest. The following year there was a spin-off mini-series called Shields of Justice, but this was not enough to satisfy the audience. They wanted more!

Keen to cash in on this demand, the studio decided to make a another season of the series. Unfortunately Rob was now famous and unavailable. Instead they turned to a desperate down on his luck director who had lost his way. Perhaps realising that this director’s vision was somewhat lacking and unlikely to lead to a truly unique, innovative series that could take the franchise forward, the studio limited his budget and told him “just do the same thing as the first series”.

He duly delivered.



Hi All,

Welcome to Ribbons of Glory (Badges of Honour 2)!

I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to bring this to you! We have had to cut a few corners, but it’s going to be great!

We couldn’t afford badges, but we found some old clothes at the second hand store, so we got out the scissors and made some lovely ribbons for you. You’ll love them!

We’ve got all the old cast back together. Well not all of them, but we have got some of them back. Maybe about half of them. It seems Bruno is still at Man Utd and will be throwing a party. Not a New Years party mind you, more like a sleepover where people just turn up then forget to go home and wake up on his floor the next morning. He does know we’re coming though. Honest.

There was a rumour that Kane and Son might be breaking up (as if that would ever happen!), but we got them to commit to coming back. And we’re trying to get onto to get on to MSN to see if they will perform a final dance, seeing their last dance went down so well. Does anyone know if Suarez is still actually playing?

Of course getting the same cast wasn’t cheap. They are all famous after the first series! I mean who’d even heard of Messi before that? Now it’s much harder to get someone like him involved. Fortunately we saved some money by using the exact same script! It’s going to be fascinating to see how the same cast can deliver the same scenes. Some might say it will be tired and boring, but I think they will do it better this time.

Anyway, the first episode should be out soon! I think. I left it on the bench over there. Where’s it gone? Alright I better go look for it, but I’ll be back soon.



To obtain each individual ribbon you will need to attempt the corresponding challenge and pass a specific benchmark score. Once you have passed that benchmark you will be added to that challenge’s leaderboard and recorded on this thread as achieving that ribbon.

Only your top score will be listed on the individual challenge’s leaderboard to stop them becoming overwhelming and to allow you to focus on beating your previous attempt. Any ribbon can be attempted at any time! They do not need to be completed in order.

Good luck! How many ribbons can you collect?


Ribbons (Challenges)

  1. Bruno's Slumber Party
  2. The Final Dance


Ribbon Holders (Leaderboard)

Legend Bruno MSN
🎗 🎗
@Rav44 🎗  
@P.Rahul 🎗  
@Tammy lois 🎗  
🎗 🎗
@Scratch 🎗 🎗
@DoneHisCruciate 🎗  



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