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Chat Anybody had this before?


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A couple of questions:

  • Do you have any of the narratives turned on? Especially the ‘unrest at home’ one (as then you’ll get it all the time!)
  • What was your manager reputation when you started the game - unknown? If so, then this makes sense 😞  
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I mentioned in the 'things I want to see in FMM24' that morale needs fixing in the game. 

It seems common that morale can suddenly nosedive for no particular reason. 

And when you check to see what's wrong with the player there's no information or indicator as to why they're unhappy. 

I can remember appointing Jamal Lascelles as captain, he had great leadership, he was a good age, first team player and top of my team social and heirachy groups and the whole squad reacted negatively to the appointment. 

It makes no sense sometimes. 

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