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Question for everyone out there.


Why can a player never improve on their penalty taking skills.


I've had the same issue in all my long goal scoring careers when you sign a player at 15, 16, 17 and they have 'unconvincing penalty taker' in the coaching report.


This never changes. Even after 20 seasons scoring thousands of goals, still 'unconvincing'.


Anyone else had this problem or know how to rectify it?


Costs me about 20 goals a season usually and it's starting to really annoy me 

Screenshot_20230921_134524_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230921_134609_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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It's just a limitation of the game unfortunately. The Set Pieces and Penalty attributes never ever change, either in the initial player or in their regens. There's nothing you can do about it either. No way to train it or mentor it etc. Very unrealistic.

That said, players do get better at taking penalties as they age because the actual Penalties attributes is only part of the equation. Not sure what the full equation is but it's similar (I think) to how young players are more inconsistent than older players, regardless of their Consistency attribute. 

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After scoring hat-trick you asking for help 🤣🤣!!! How many penalties converted by ur strikers!!! If that no. is higher than they missed !! If yes than keep them at penalties or let the game decides who is ur best penalties taker .!! 

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