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Tactics Pep guardiola box midfield 3-2-4-1tactic

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I created the pep's new formation and it has worked so well for me. You would need wingers who are good in 1v1 situations and Dms who are good tacklers with 13 pace at least. And make sure to add the LOOK FOR OVERLAP option. I also dropped a corner tactic Incase you need. Set your striker to ATTACK NEAR POST and



you are good 








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I like this tactic 👍 good job!

A couple of questions / edit: just tested a few games!

  1. IWBs - they work well as (very) wide DCs, as they can’t come inside, due to the two DMCs. Why use IWBs instead of DFBs? Edit: IWBs seems to press / step up more out of possession. DFBs sit a bit deeper.
  2. KDB - which positions / role to you think is best for him - the MLC / B2B?!
  3. Sweeper - would changing the DC to a Sweeper role protect against long balls / clearances behind your defense? Edit: you have a super high defensive line - it’s quite cool! With a slower DC or against super-fast opposition STs, changing to a Sweeper may help 



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