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Chat Self Imposed Hard Mode

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Discussing the game with @Ashez he pointed out that a lot of my thoughts about a hard mode I could self impose on myself. I’m wondering what things you guys do (or not do) in order to make the game harder.

Anyway I’m trying to think up a “hard mode” for myself.

This is where I’m at so far:

Game setup:

  • Fake Players - yes (so no real world/previous save knowledge)
  • Attribute Masking - yes
  • Budgets in first window - no
  • No unlockables obviously
  • Reputation - none
  • Badge - none


Not using known exploits that aren’t in the spirit of the game. Whether it’s a transfer money/set piece quirk or mentoring a player twice. (I don’t do these anyway but it’s worth mentioning)

Squad Dynamics

  • Personality view - 20 games I’m thinking of trying to make this more real world by not being allowed to press the player’s personality on the Personal tab until they have played 20 games for the club. So initially I only get to see the first personality trait and whatever pops up on a coach/scout report. With fake players this also means nobody has played any games for a club so it will take longer to weed out undesirables from the first squad.
  • Never allowed to click on the grades on the Team Report Dynamics page.
  • Relationships View - 40 games. I can only look at a player’s relationship page after 40 games at a club.
  • Training can only ever be normal intensity
  • Mentoring can only happen once


  • Never allowed to be over the wage budget (scary for me as I’m a cheque book manager..)

I’m thinking about two additional choices:

  1. Not allowed to spend any money on transfers. Just rely on freebies/loans and the academy. Additionally could not be allowed to funnel the unspent money into player wages


  1. Allowed to wheel and deal (which I really do enjoy) but impose a random quirk to my transfer dealings:


  • Only being allowed to sign players that have one name that matches the initials of the position. E.g, G or K for goalkeepers, F or B for fullbacks, A or M Or C for attacking midfield central…etc. (Not sure how far to take this. Could go down to roles so only a player with a name starting with T can be a Trequartista or I W B for Inverted Wing Backs can play in those roles) I quite like this idea as it might force me to use different tactics especially with injuries (a major flaw of mine is using one tactic for almost every career in a FMM version) but not sure if realistic. Might need a universal letter(s) for each position too (maybe taken from the club/nation or the league I’m in)
  • something to do with nationality
  • Being uncapped
  • a random age limit (under 21 and over 30 or aged 24 to 28)
  • or some combination of two of the above.

I quite like the idea of a transfer quirk as it limits transfers but not money. The only problem is not being sure how to marry it with the first squad and how to handle academy players (maybe immune). Initially transferring everybody out who doesn’t match might be a tall order so just limit to new players or for signing new contracts? 🤔

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Lots of good ideas in there. They scare me a lot given that most of my careers are trying to break the game hard!

The number one thing that would slow me down (and I do actually do this sometimes) is to purely limit the number of transfers. Something like  4 signings in season one and 2 every season after. You could make that slightly higher or lower as you wish, but I find my biggest 'exploit' is purely to buy a whole team of better players. I still want to do that, but slowing it right down makes things a lot harder (for me anyway).

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What I almost always do recently for careers that's not any kind of challenge, is these set of rules :

- No budget in first window

- Not exploiting any transfer gimmick, including offer player on loan and then change it to transfer 

- Only buy player from the same nationality as the club (e.g. Only Italy players when managing Milan)

- limiting number of transfer (max 2 loans/free players in first window, and 2 transfers in every window after) except if other team buy my players first, so I need to find the player to fill the spot. (in this case the other team need to make offer for my players, not the players that is transfer listed/offered to other team)

- Never reject transfer offer for players that want to negotiate. The exception is for Key Players, but if the offer is more than 1.5 times the player value and the player showed as want to negotiate, you can't reject it.

- Only buy players that is transfer listed, from relegated teams and lower division teams.

- and my preference is only buy player that have some potential for improvement, so mostly under 25/26 yo.

- mentoring can only happen once except for the instance that the mentor was sold/retire/leave club before mentoring ends.

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Hmm never considered having to sell players when getting a certain offer or limiting the number of transfers a season. 

As much as I like the transfer quirk idea it’s a bit of a pain to put in to practise. I think it needs to be things that can be set on the search settings and effectively forgotten about. So yeah only Italian players whilst at Milan is a good one. Or players aged between 24 - 28. 

I think a hard mode can’t make the game less enjoyable to play just harder to be instantly successful. So, trying to find the right balance at the moment. 


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