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If you have any issues logging into the game then Netflix recommend you fully power down your device and reboot it, then relaunch the game.

(it might be that there is something running on your system that might be 'tripping' their copy-protection, most likely a storage/access tool that might be usable for warez purposes or something odd - rebooting the device will most likely leave it out of memory and allow your login)

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Do you have the Netflix app installed? I did and it logged in seemlessly (on Android), didn't even need to enter password or anything. Not sure what happens if the Netflix app isn't installed, but maybe that could be part of the problem? 

The other thing... I see you have a Brazil flag next to your username - Are you physically in Brazil? Previous versions of the game couldn't be bought in Brazil due to licensing, so maybe it doesn't work for Netflix Brazil customers? I have no idea about that. Maybe @Marc Vaughan knows about that?

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Can I ask what device you're using? - it appears that Chromebooks aren't presently allowing login for Netflix Games, we're enquiring from Netflix why this is and will try and figure out a workaround if possible, please bear with us and apologies for any inconvenience.

PS - There are also a minority of territories where the game isn't available - Brazil as Scratch indicated is one of them (the others are very small countries I believe, I'll try and find a list at some point).

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