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Career It’s a long way to the top - Completed


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New game, same opening challenge. 

Kicking things off with It’s a Long Way to the Top to get that Superstar Manager achievement. 

Going straight in so let’s see what happens. I’ll test along the way…



I had some job offers from Vanarama N and S and a couple from National but I wanted to try my luck until the end of the year and see if I’d get lucky. Turns out I did…



2nd in League Two at the start of Jan, that potentially saves me a lot of time. Offer firmly accepted. 

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Season 1

I got lucky with the job that came up with Walsall being 2nd in League Two. All I had to do was keep the momentum going.

Once my tactics clicked we had a great run and won the league without too much difficulty (although Wrexham gave us a little chase towards the end).




The squad wasn't overly suited to my tactic so i dipped into the free transfer market and found a few solid players that will hopefully do a job next year too. My wage bill rocketed so i got rid of a lot of deadwood and a couple of expensive loans.



Nobody of note really...


I got my bronze coaching badge.



Not too much to update on but let's see how next year goes.

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Season 2

A solid season in League One meant we got automatic promotion. Bolton were pretty unstoppable and were scoring for fun. We still managed to do what was needed though.



My tactic needs fine tuning to get more goals and stop getting caught out of position but that might also be down to the players. I'll tweak my midfield 3 and see what more I can get out of them.


Assists coming from all over but I'm not overly happy with my tactic as I said so I'll be chainging this slightly when recruiting for the Championship.


I managed to bag Kumbulla from Roma and Obispo from PSV after they were released which helped my defence (both over powered CB for L1). Other than that it was just seeing who I could get in. I find recruitment is a bit trickier in FMM24 for lower leagues but that's a good thing. Might just be my save though.



Saying that, I'd been following this Hungarian chap for a year and trying to sign him as he looked great for L1 and wanted to join us but he kept getting refused a work permit. Turns out he has a Trinbagonian Granny and is now capped for Trinidad and Tobago meaning we finally got him a work permit in Jan and he was a beast for the last few games of the season. If he continues to develop he should be able to do a job in Championship too. We really need to work on those mental stats though...





I picked up my silver badge and I'm now a penny pinching star maker. A chairman's dream come true.






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Season 3

A few ups and downs along the way this season. Recruitment was tricky until Jan. My new tactic wasn’t filling me with confidence and we were flirting with not making the playoffs. I decided to go back to the drawing board and try a completely new formation (looking ahead to a Spurs career) and it worked nicely. Still needs some fine tuning but it got us where we needed to be and we flew through the play offs. 




Lots of goals from my striker and Matheus Franca was a beast too, particularly in his new role with my latest formation. I just need to replace him now!





Not much new to add here other than National rep. 
Oh and thanks…


Finally, as we gear up for a campaign in the Premiership, my ass man, Phil Jagielka, fills me with confidence…



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Season 4

First season in the prem started rough but we managed to get European football next season albeit the Europa League. 
I started using a new formation towards the end of the season which seemed to work nicely. Mostly I wanted to get a system working with IW as I’ve never used them and it seems to be doing the trick so will see how it works next year. 





I managed a couple of good freebies in Bailey and Fernandes and panic bought some average full backs in Toure and Jesus.






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Season 5

New tactic had a slow start while players got used to it, we then had a great unbeaten run before it started to fall apart towards the end of the season. I don’t think I’ll be continuing with IW 😂 


Just missed out on a CL slot through the league but we managed to win the Europa League giving us a chance at the Big Cup next year. Most importantly it gives us a go at the Euro Super Cup which is the quickest way to get a World Class rep. 




Jorgensen was great, dedic was ok. Herrera was excellent. I managed to get Lavia on loan again as he’s the perfect RM in the DM position. He’s a beast. 


My striker was carrying most of the load with the new system which is didn’t like as if he had a bad game, we all did. 

This was annoying but luckily towards the end of the season:



Im not a big spender instead of a penny pincher. 
Continental rep. 


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Season 6

Won the Euro Super Cup which gave me World Class rep and then it was a matter of waiting until I’d been at the club for 5 years. 


January came and so did the achievement…




We were sitting top of the table but we’ll end things there. 



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