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Career IALWTTT attempt - ✅


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I resisted the urges to jump in at VNL level at all. I wanted to start in L2. L1 if possible but that was a stretch.


I had to wait until December for a team to give me a chance. I did try numerous L2 teams but I was ignored, until....



Unbeknownst to me they were sitting pretty at the top of League 2. Considering I applied for teams sat in mid-table and even just above relegation.



Here's my profile when I took over;


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Season finished.


Plain sailing. Would of been catastrophic to not at least get promotion from where I was at the start.



I didn't sign anyone as this Stockport team was ideal for the system and tactic I wanted to play. Barry was brilliant. Hopefully I can get him on loan again next season.



Gained my bronze badge and I'm also now a "Star Maker", whatever that means, 😂


Thanks for all of your well wishes so far, lads. 👍

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Second Season - League One




Very dependent on the loan market unfortunately. Managed to attract some good players but not enough. Needed the loans to extend the squad for such a long season.






Won the League eventually after a very good race. I don't remember ever being involved in such a close contest before so that was fun.

Cups were irrelevant this early into the save but picked up the EFL Trophy.



Olaofe wasn't my starting striker for the first few months. Only making appearances from the bench but when he got the chance to start he proved to be the go to guy.




Entertainer and resolute. 🤷 Whatever. 😂


On to the Championship! 👍

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overtaking both Wigan and Chartlon is something.
Chadwick had a minimum clause or did you decide to sell yourself?

good luck in the Championship - anyone can beat anyone there

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2 hours ago, malekhit said:

overtaking both Wigan and Chartlon is something.
Chadwick had a minimum clause or did you decide to sell yourself?

good luck in the Championship - anyone can beat anyone there

Minimum release clause, yeah.

The Championship is fun. I'm doing very well though.

Thanks. 👍

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Third Season - Complete




The four at the top of the incomings list were signed when the season was over.

Major signing at the start of the season was Orsolini. You'll see...





Another successful promotion campaign. Also, an epic run to the FA Cup final! Unfortunately, we weren't quite good enough to win it. But picked up some brilliant scalps along the way.


Yes, we beat City! 😳


Couldn't beat the reds of Manchester though. 🤬



Orsolini was outstanding as you would expect a player of his quality to be in the Championship. 👌




So, we're heading to the Premiership. I've been given £25m to spend after telling the board I would get a safe mid-table finish. Quick spoiler, I'm struggling to attract players to help with that. At the minute anyway. 


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2 hours ago, SamGeorge.Scott said:

Just started with Stockport and loving the team so far - what tactics are you using? 

A simple 4 4 1 1 that I've used for this challenge for the past two versions. It's very effective.

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4 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Doing great mate. I’m in the Championship and really struggling to find decent players!

Cheers fella.

I struggled to attract most of the players I wanted and had to "settle" on a few but they thrived in my tactic.

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Fourth Season - Complete




I went on the hunt for players not getting much game time for the big teams. Managed to bag a few bargains. I didn't think we would be strong enough to compete....



Finished 2nd in the League, which is massive. You would think I would be delighted but I wanted Europa League football, not Champions League! 😭 Other teams seriously underperformed. Finishing 2nd with 76 points is just silly.

Made the final of both domestic cups but couldn't win either.







Arda Guler!! ❤️❤️

Satriano & Martinez were disappointing. 🙄




A much better season than expected. I would say I need to improve the squad ahead of a Champions League campaign but not having that strong of a squad didn't seem to hinder our efforts this year. 🤷


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Fifth Season - Complete


So, I have been labeled a "bottler" by some of my players after reaching finals but not winning them. 😂 What's that all about?! Little ol' Stockport punching above their weight and getting three runners up medals in major competitions makes me a bottler?! Jeez! 🤷




Main points of interest; Satriano and Martinez OUT. Tammy & Simeone IN. Desperate for better firepower up front.

Controversially brought Mason Greenwood back to England after he was on fire in Germany with Frankfurt. 

Very happy with recruitment overall.



Almost the perfect season. Champions League failure but the winning in finals made the players respect me more. 🤣








Greenwood, the stand out performer. Abraham very underwhelming so I'm gonna get rid.




Somehow, I'm jinxed. 🤔 A domestic treble is hardly jinxed.


If only I had won that CL final I may have got the message I required to finish this challenge but we go another season it seems.


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45 minutes ago, StuartM said:

Well done Dai 👏

Cheers pal.

It seems like a strange time to get the message. I was into the Champions League semi-final and doing well domestically but hadn't really done anything of note to get it. I don't think anyway.

But, it's out of the way now and I can move onto bigger things. 😊

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What's your take so far Dai... Do you think this challenge was easier for you this year?

I'm not playing as much this year but seem to be crushing it already! Not sure if its just because I had a better starting point tactically.

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1 hour ago, StuartM said:

What's your take so far Dai... Do you think this challenge was easier for you this year?

I'm not playing as much this year but seem to be crushing it already! Not sure if its just because I had a better starting point tactically.

It's tough to say mate. Every time before a new version is released I work on a tactic to take into this challenge on the old game. I just hope the engine doesn't change too much and luckily, that's been the case. This challenge seemed easier as there have been so many more free agents available, which really helped early on in the save.

My new challenge, where I'm using a tactic from last year has been nerfed slightly though, which is strange. Why is one less useful than another?

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