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Installing Face/Logo packs from FM23 to FM24 on Android 11+

Yeah it was really scuffed and I had to jump through a lot of hoops but I finally managed to do it in android 13 without access to data folder

Anyway here's how you do it 

1. Go to settings and disable Files by Google

2.Go to playstore and install Files app

3.Move the facepack or logopack to the android folder

Now's the hard part you have to start dragging, literally so

4.Drag and drop the facepacks/Logopacks in data folder

Now you can't do this my selecting move to... option you have to manually drag it or it won't work also you cannot scroll up while dragging files

5. Find "com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile" and follow this path

com.netflix.NGP.Football ManagerMobile→files→application_support→sports interactive→Football Manager 2024 Mobile and make a graphics folder there

6. Now after you have made the graphics folder go all the way back and rename "com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile" folder to "zzzz " so it ends up at the very bottom of the list of folders

7.Now select the facepacks you want to put there I used .fmf facepacks and drag them to zzzz→files→application_support→sports interactive→Football Manager 2024 Mobile→graphics

8.Rename "zzzz" back to "com.netflix.NGP.FootballManagerMobile"

9.Delete app cache

10.Launch the app and reload skin form the setting 

This worked for me I attached the image of the Files app I used it's by Marc apps & software Goodluck fellow managers if you have any troubles at all please DM me from here and fuck capitalism fuck greedy androids taking away freedom from it's users this same dragging method can be used for other games too including obbf olders for other games


I did this with .fmf Files I don't know if it works with unzipped folders if it doesn't dm me




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30 minutes ago, Pete123 said:

Howdy - you can also just download Solid Explorer and just copy and paste across.

Nope not anymore on Android 11+ I think they disabled access to Directory folder (DIR) to third party file manager apps this is what shows up when you try to click on any folder in Android→data


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com.netflix.NGP.Football ManagerMobile→files→application_support→sports interactive→Football Manager 2024 Mobile


👆👉cannot create a folder here. here is the problem 

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Hi, facepack and logopack are working fine for me but I cant get the facegenpack to work (Facegen for FMM Final).

Is there a known fix for this or is it even possible to have a facepack + facegen at the same time?

Thank you in advance

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