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Tactics 433 Superking


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Hi all

Firstly - this is not my tactic and I hope the creator does not mind me posting. But I decided to give this 2022 tactic from Superking a go with Man Utd and it seems to work well. The original tactic link is here - 


I did not make any signings in the first half of the season, relying on the original squad. In January I signed Ferguson (striker) and McNally (central defender) to boost squad depth. 










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2 hours ago, hykhenry said:

A Haaland can make you cry!

definitely, three times in a row he and his Man City eliminated me from playoff of UCL... every time he was the MVP

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Currently trying this in my MUFC save and it's not going well. Majority of games 1-0, 1-1 or 0-1.

I had more success changing to Attacking/Overload in terms of goals scored, but then I rarely ever kept a clean sheet. Sometimes this resulted in a freakishly high score gaming like when I beat City 4-3, but then I also lost 3-0 to Brentford and 1-0 to Bournemouth, so even that isn't reliable.

With a high defensive line I kept conceding goals where the opposition striker past my defense and scored from outside the box. I changed this to a balanced defensive line and that seemed to help defensively with little impact on goals scored.

Tried tweaking a few other things without any more success. At this point I am leaning towards "this is not working for me".



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I must admit that I don’t think this tactic is perfect, but it seems to be working well for me. Just finished my 2nd season with Man Utd.


This was my first choice team:



Second B-Team:


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