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Tactics 352 Tactic, Simone Inzaghi inspired


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Hi All,

Hope you're all enjoying the game thus far, bugs and all.

I've been tinkering away with a 352 game plan to match up with the Inzaghi system at inter. its been a tough one to match as Inter can change their play in a few ways.
It has taken some time to get the tactic working as intended, few bumps along the way and the insane injuries thus far havent helped (so far lost the starting 3 midfielders +1st sub to at least 1 month out each 🤬)

Key principles:
352 shape
Play out from the back, back 3 need to be comfortable with the ball. Keeper as well. Patient build up as needed, but can go long when opportunity presents
Wingbacks need high energy and movement. These are the two players that progress the ball and hold width. Wing back roles differ for L and R depending on players.
Narrow shape to force opponents out to the flanks and away from central areas.
pressing is selective, Inter typically engage with a selective press, and are happy to let the opposition CBs knock it amongst themselves by blocking passing lanes and options.
really tight defence, but not at the expense of goals scored (hard to find this balance)

some notes:
Wingback roles can change as needed. Ideally one is the provider and the other a support. In my case, there is a lot of creativity on the left, so it makes more sense for Dimarco to be the provided (plus his crossing is excellent). Dumfries is faster so is better as an outlet of sorts
Libero is there to mimic Bastoni's forward runs... Im sure a wide centre back role would be better, but that role seems like it will never come to mobile.
Midfield duo starts as AP and BWM, but can also be a CM+BBM combo. ideally two Mezz'ala's here but again restricted by mobile
if struggling to break down a tea, widen the team shape, and add run with ball

Dont be afraid to close out a match, switch mentality to Balance, Shoot on site ON and Time wasting ON. Maybe drop the Libero to a BPD


Season not over yet, but seems to be a promising change in fortunes... fingers crossed that the injuries stay away









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14 hours ago, rseven said:

What is you idea about using IWB at DMR?

this was to try and simulate the underlapping that Dumfries does in game. also allows for the BWM/BBM to roam a little more without compromising shape

added 0 minutes later
11 hours ago, mtt_87 said:

need the cheat "one penalty per game"


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