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Help Want to improve my attack


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I have a great defence that has help me won the champion league and finish second in the prem but I don't score a lot even though I have a lot of shots per game and it is a bit frustrating for me to have great forwards but they can't score. Except My Shadow striker, the others barely scored more than 10 goals

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I haven't used a strikerless system on a mobile version but it looks okay.

I would definitely have the full backs as wing backs. Other changes I would consider are having a BBM or RP instead of an AP, changing the IFs to SS (depends on the players you have) and increasing the tempo a little.

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64 League goals. Thats not too bad. I managed to come in 2nd place with 45 goals 😁 

..and win the Champions League🙃 



Therefore i am also asking for advice on my tactic.


How do i improve goal output?

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6 hours ago, Haukr said:

How do i improve goal output?

Partly by making sure your strikers are really good:

  • example - lots of people use young wonderkids, who by definition will be great in the future, then wonder why they’re not performing right now
  • example - lots of people use WBs + lots of crosses, but with a ST who is not aerially dominant. You need a 17+ aerial / strength ST to dominate the air in the EPL / Championship for example. 15 aerial strength is ok, anything lower probably isn’t good enough.

Partly by tweaking your tactic to be more attacking - here’s a guide to ‘score more goals’ using a 41221 / 4231, for last years FMM (but it seems to be a very similar match engine this year) …


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