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Tactics West Ham R Massive Plug n Play


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Same formation and instructions as last years all conquering WH P&P tactic, with only 2 changes… DLP has been changed to RP, and the left sided IF is now a Winger …and so far it looks stronger than ever.

Pro tip: PF is most powerful with high Aerial, Aggression and Movement, I signed Beto from Everton. For less than a million you can also sign Idan Toklomati as a Hot Prospect for the future, with suitable mentoring he’ll soon be banging in goals for years to come.






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No doubt it concedes goals, same tactic did last season too. It is an overload all-action tactic, score a lot, but concedes some.

But… with the right players that are suitable for the roles, this tactic is effective and wins trophies by overpowering the opposition.

I’d advise a good goalkeeper (De Gea is free), pacey defenders, a midfield that can tackle, pass and shoot, and suitable forwards. Player morale is also key to avoiding losing streaks.

Finally player condition is important too, tired players can not play Overload tactics (I have an A team and a B team - plus a B team helps ensure youths get sufficient game time).

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Second half of my season went pretty well, won Prem and Europa.

It might be a plug and play tactic, but you still have to apply common sense based on circumstances.

Lose a game, so consider replacing players with those in best condition, better morale and better form in order to stop one loss becoming two, because consecutive losses lead to low morale and suddenly a losing streak.

That applies to any tactic, plug and play or otherwise.

Season 2 should be better still, youth purchases in B team will have improved, team player relationships will be better, and no Thursday games will mean better players can play more in important games.



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12 minutes ago, Conqueror11 said:

Can you share your player statistics, friend?

Sorry, I’ve moved on without saving them. I’ll share them at the end of Season 2.

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Young players I’ve signed, but I rotate them as most are not first team regulars yet…

GK - Jonas Urbig £9.25M

GK - KacperTobiasz £7.5M

DC - Jackson Porozo £3.9M

DC - Bright Arrey-Mbi £3.7M

D/ML - Valentin Barco £8M

MR - Roony Bardghji £10M

ST - Idan Toklomati £0.7M

De Gea on a free.

Beto I bought to go straight in the first team as I sold Antonio, Ings, Mubama. I say bought but I actually swapped him for Kurt Zouma.


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Season 2 completed. Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League. Quite the treble with a team of mostly journeymen and kids.

Season 3 should see a better Premiership performance, score more, concede less, win more - as the kids I’ve bought are starting to come good and play more consistently.






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This tactic looks promising. I’m going to try it out on my Feyenoord save. 

I don’t like having a lot of 0-0 and 1-0 type scores. So this looks right up my alley.

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