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Tactics Ralf Rangnick Tactics | 4-2-4 Gegenpress Tactic


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The 4-2-4 DM Gegenpress strategy is a popular strategy in modern football. Developed by German coach Ralf Rangnick, this tactic combines strong attack and dominance across the field.

In the 4-2-4 DM Gegenpress system, there are 4 strikers playing in attack, 2 defensive midfielders and 4 defenders. The outstanding feature of this tactic is the continuous attack and overwhelming the opponent right from the moment the ball is lost. The players will quickly attack and close the opponent to regain control of the ball.

The 4-2-4 DM Gegenpress strategy requires good coordination between players and the ability to quickly switch between attack and defense. This is a very attractive tactic and brings many goals for the team to use.

However, to successfully apply this strategy, the team needs careful preparation and special training. Players need to be able to run fast, have good technique and be able to read the game well. In addition, coordination and understanding between players is also very important.

The 4-2-4 DM Gegenpress strategy has been used successfully by many of the world's top teams such as Liverpool and RB Leipzig.

This scheme focuses on getting close and attacking strongly from the opponent. The formation will put pressure on the opponent right from the goalkeeper position and create uniformity in attack.





With the above arrangement of player roles, we can realize that the pressing purpose of this team is to create as many counter-attack opportunities as possible. That is the state change phase when the team loses the ball. But in the Build-Up phase, this team deploys the ball from the defense.

Sweeper Keeper will be the one to start this phase, when the team with 2 Wing-Backs rising high when deploying the ball will pin the opponent's 2 midfielders on the wings and create space and minimize the situation of 2 central defenders. Being pressed makes the Build-Up phase difficult

The Ball Playing Defender role is of great importance in the team, he will be the one responsible for pulling the ball from the defense thanks to his dribbling ability, accurate ball transfer and ability to keep calm when playing. being pressed. In an era where any team applies a pressing philosophy, having a Ball Playing Defender-style central defender is very important.

But what happens when the Ball Playing Defender is preesed too hard, leading to him not having space to dribble the ball? That's why we use Double Pivot to kick back deep in the CDM position.

At this time, the Roaming Playmaker, with the role of always moving dynamically, supporting the attack and defense, will retreat to help the defense escape pressing. Once the ball reaches the opponent's side of the field, this role is also the playmaker. Created with his precise and creative passes. Ball Winning Midfielder will play the role of recovering the ball if other players make mistakes leading to losing the ball during the Build-Up phase or being counter-attacked.

In this formation, the goal output will depend on the trio on the attack line: Advanced Forward and 2 Inside Forward. Pressing Forward will coordinate with this trio to press on the opponent's side of the field. When he steals the ball, he will pass the simplest passes to his teammates (can pass to Advanced Forward or 2 Inside Forward who are cutting-inside into the penalty area or pass the ball back to the 2nd line Roaming Playmaker). Of course, if he steals the ball and can score immediately, he will still do it.

Talking about the attack plan of this squad, it is very diverse. Turning on "Through Ball" mode in Final Third will cause players (usually Roaming Playmakers) to use more dangerous through passes. If in your team there is 1 Advanced Forward and 2 Inside Forwards with high speed and "Likes To Try To Beat Offside Trap" in the Role Traits section (you can check in the "Positions" section when clicking on the mark icon). three dashes above when clicking on the player's name), this will make this attacking trio even more dangerous.

Another attack option is to attack from both wings. The fact that the 2 Wing-Backs always rise high when attacking causes the 2 wings of the team to always create overwhelming numbers in the area near the border and in the area. Half-Space area. At this time, the opposing teams are forced to shift their team structure to the flank that is outnumbered and leave space on the remaining flank, where the Wing-Back on the opposite flank is waiting. At this time, there are many options to attack, which are to coordinate "Play One-Two" with the flank that has the advantage of overwhelming numbers or to make a wing switch for the Wing-Back on the opposite side.

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