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Tactics Defence Wins Titles, ZonaMista tactic recreation. 352?442?


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He everyone,

My attempt at recreating the Zona Mista tactic for FMM24, inspired by the 88/89 Inter team under Trapattoni

The key attributes are:
recover the ball and then quickly develop the offensive action
Vertical and fast offensive transitions
Central Play at all costs


I had two version of the tactic throughout the season. this post will have the standard formation, and the first comment will have the more defensive set up




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9 hours ago, Bushy said:

When are you using the defensive version? 

generally i use it to either close out a close game (ie one where we have taken very few shots or not had any clear cut chances)
when the match it against a top level opponent, (as in the fixture list shows a 4 or higher)

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i didnt do much with corners to be honest.

Wide players - stay back
Forwards, one to mark the keeper, one to go forward
Dm to stay back
CMs, one to attack from edge of area, one to lurk outside.
CBS - 1 to stay back, one to attack far, one to attack near.

Mixed delivery

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