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Tactics Best tactics on FM24 tested by FM DNA


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Hope this is ok. Just wanted to share my series that I have on YouTube testing the best tactics on FM24

Here one of my video's come check out the series.

Catch me up on my socials and if you have a tactic you want me to test get in contact.

Socials Twitter - https://twitter.com/FM_DNA

YouTube - FM DNA - YouTube

Instagram - Football Manager DNA (@footballmanagerdna) | Instagram profile

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Does it bother you that people post here for "FMM", where the second "M" stands for "Mobile", so it's not normal, as you mentioned in the beginning of your post (and it's not exactly welcome to post videos here, and the community here is more comfortable in text format with screenshots. What's the point of sharing here tactics from FM on a site for FMM, and how to test it, you didn't ask that question. So it was totally inappropriate to advertise your channel here. I hope I made myself clear!

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the FM version, despite being from the same family, has totally different characteristics in terms of tactics. You can take inspiration from the role, defense and how to build the game but a lot of information and customizations are missing in the mobile edition. The transition date is missing and further individual customizations are missing. To be able to make good tactics in FMM you need to think in a simpler way and in only three sectors: positions and roles, defense and development. Searching for too much information in FM is not profitable and in any case it would not be complete on FMM. FM is a game that favors counterattacking more than FMM. FMM, on the other hand, pays better for a Pressing and game development tactic than Control or Overload.

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