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Tactics Jumping on the Angeball bandwagon


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I'm currently playing a Spurs save and wanted to play authentically. No new signings in the first season and playing tactics close to how we play in real life. Or how we try to play anyway...

We all know of Ange's inverted wingbacks moving centrally to allow the central midfielders to push up and support the attack switching from a 41221 to a 235 in possession.





The midfield is set up with Bissouma in a defensive midfield role and Maddison and Sarr as free 8's ahead of him and behind the front 3. In possession the full backs come central to flank Bissouma and the central midfielders move up to create an attacking 5. The free 8 option in FMM is RP I guess but if you play two they get in each others way and move too centrally so i went for a mixture of B2B and AP with Maddison as a creative AP and my other CM playing as a B2B it meaning they'll arrive in the area late but not get in each other's way.

My interpretation:



As you can see, this gives the right shape 41221/4123 out of possession (right to left below): 


And in possession we move to a 235 with both midfielders pushing up to join the attack (left to right).



So how did it do? I'm midway through the season but so far, so good...

We're undefeated in the cups so far too. I'm particularly happy with our goal difference and only conceding 7 goals in the first 19 games.








You can see below goals come from all over but Son gets the most as you'd expect. Assists come from all over too but with Maddison being our main creative hub.




The tactic:

Full on attacking football, fast tempo, high back line - all as you'd expect from Ange.

I push the IF up as it doesn't make a huge difference to shape but in FMM they work better there. I experimented with the BWM in between the B2B and AP so he would get a better rating (something FMM stills needs to address is the DM position) but the shape was wrong so I dropped him back to a more natural position and settled for him only getting a 6.7 over the season. I prefer Bissouma in that position anyway as he offers a better passing option from defence in that hole.





I doubt this will be a plug and play - but for this team, with the players we currently have, it's been pretty great.

I'll update again at the end of the season.

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End of season update:

We drew a few too many games when goals just weren’t going in (lack of squad depth for Spurs mostly to blame) but all in all a superb season winning the triple and losing only one match all season. 



Our only loss was when we got FMM’d by Brighton 😂 



2nd half of the season results:








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30 minutes ago, AndersJ said:

Thank you for sharing. It looks great. Do you have 5 cc s in every game 🤷‍♂️?

Nah. That was the most I think. Makes the loss even more hard to take 😂 

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Did you try PFs out wide? I'm working on this in 23 and curious to see the difference between wide roles in the new edition. 

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Pluged and played it on UCL final against Barcelona and it worked like a charm..after series of poor result,I think im going to use it next season...🔥

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Posted (edited)

I tested with Brighton, and result is very good

But I have 2 questions for you:

- What is necessary attribute for each position

When playing against big teams, what do you need to change to get good results? Especially away matches

Thank you very much!!!!


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Key attributes for each role are the key attributes for said role. I like my players with good technical skills aside from that. Technique, teamwork, movement. 

I only tested this with spurs so never had to make any changes. I like my tactics plug and play. Thats why it may not work for smaller teams. 

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