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Help Bologna Champions of Italy??


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good evening guys, I know what I'm about to ask you will sound absurd. I would like to win the scudetto with Bologna in my first year 😄.

I'm not crazy, at least not completely, the incentive is to understand what can transform a mid-table team into a Leicester on FM Mobile. I'm actually trying them all, but I'm not getting exciting results. So here's the idea to try with your advice!

I tried with the famous Black Hawk. I finished around 10th place.

I tried to build a balanced tactic by trying to exploit the weaknesses in the opponents' formations and make changes during the match, for example in favorable conditions putting the match to sleep. Best placement 5 or 6 place.

I didn't make a transfer, because the aim of the test is to win with the base team.

My intention is not to look for a killer tactic or anything like that.

I would like to understand how to play at my best, with each team. I would like to deeply understand the game and its mechanisms. Although I have been playing for 15 years, while in Mobile since the 2012 edition.

I believe it is possible for 2 reasons, 1 Ranieri's Leicester, 2 because it is a game and there is certainly a minimum possibility of accomplishing this feat without cheating.

Let's take Serie A together!

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