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Chat youth academy strategy?


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hi guys i was wondering what people’s strategy when it comes to promoting youth academy players mid season is?

so the situation i’m in right now: i’m in october and my new crop of youth players has 3 players with 5 star potential. do you guys typically wait for more knowledge on players or promote them immediately? whats better for their development?

i typically wait for like B or C knowledge on the players but sometimes i just wont promote them unless another team is interested. lmk what yall do


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I do the same as MiGueLMD. Your coach will suggest it had a negative impact on the rest by promoting the good players. I don't think it makes any difference though as i don't even recall seeing the potential increase/decrease when i left the good players in there all season before deciding at the end. I found that the risk of keeping them in the Youth Development is that sometimes another club can try and poach them, so you could end up losing them. 

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