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Chat Amazing defence with my Napoli team😆


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2 hours ago, markyan83 said:

how? 😅

I play a normal 433 with a ball playing center back on the left and a normal centerback on the right. My fullbacks are also instructed to play as normal fullbacks and nothing more. I believe I use the standard vertical tiki taka tactics, but when I take the lead in important games (Against stronger opponents) I usually change the defensive line from "High" to balanced, time wasting from "no" to "yes" and then I take one of my center mids and make them play as a defensive mid next to koopmeiners🙂Here are some of my results: As you can see there are lots of 1-0 victories involved (So maybe not the most exciting way to win? But I think I'm not scoring that much goals because I always alternate between my three strikers so they actually never get enough playtime to start being consistent). I was extremely unlucky in the 2 draws in the CL against Arsenal and Bayern. Against Arsenal, Cajuste got a red card early in the match and I had to play defensively to get at least a draw, while against Bayern I dominated and I was winning 2-1 until Minjae equalised in the 90th minute.





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12 hours ago, Prince96 said:

Same vibes with my Sunderland save😁

Hope I also finish the season as invincibles417891883_Screenshot_20231215-005245_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.ad2bcc05165ec2c9f0a317901efb5df8.jpg501478640_Screenshot_20231215-005401_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.3914b73744965dec53fa6515c3751085.jpg

Doing it with Sunderland in the PL is even more impressive! I sadly can't end the season as invincibles since Inter had other plans and beat me 2-1😐. Good luck with the rest of season.

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