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Career My Season with Paris Saint Germain FC


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1) Why Paris Saint Germain FC are a good choice?

Paris Saint Germain FC is an excellent choice due to their impressive squad, financial stability, and the potential to dominate both domestic and European competitions. With top talents like Mbappé, the team is set up for success on the pitch. Furthermore, PSG's financial security allows for strategic squad improvements and long-term planning.

2) Stadium & Training Facility Information

The Parc des Princes stadium is a modern marvel, providing an electric atmosphere for both players and fans. The state-of-the-art facilities offer top-tier training amenities, including advanced fitness centers, cutting-edge technology for player performance tracking, and world-class pitches that ensure our players are always at their best.


3) Staff Members

Our coaching and support staff are world-class, with experienced professionals dedicated to bringing out the best in our players. Additionally, I've entrusted the training responsibilities to our exceptional Assistant Manager, ensuring that our players receive top-notch development and preparation for matches. With solid finances, we have the resources to invest in the best staff to support our ambitions.


4) Squad Changes

To further strengthen our already formidable squad, I've made five subtle transfers to address specific areas of improvement. These transfers were carefully selected to complement our existing talent and enhance our overall depth, ensuring that we have quality options in every position.


5) Tactic Used

Inspired by FC Barcelona's successful 2010-2011 season, I implemented a 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards upfront. This tactic allowed us to dominate possession, press aggressively to win the ball high up the pitch, and unleash our attacking trio to devastating effect. The fluidity and creativity of our front three mirrored the brilliance of Barcelona's legendary team.


6) The Results

Our season was nothing short of extraordinary. We clinched the Ligue 1 title, dominated the Trophee Des Champions, triumphed in the Coupe de France, and made a strong run to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. Our tactical approach and the exceptional abilities of our players propelled us to an incredibly successful season, leaving PSG fans ecstatic and hungry for more.








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Hi @SSolas - another great season 🔥 

Similar to your careers in the last FMM version - it seems you only scored 61 goals in 34 league games (1.8 per game) - which feels low, because you have Mbappe + co, spent 250m, and are in a relatively weaker league.

Would you be open to a slightly more attacking formation?

  • For example - at least changing your MRC to a more attacking B2B
  • Or - if you really want an intense press - move to 2 MCs and an AMC - is both more attacking AND better closes down the opposition DMCs

Otherwise it looks great 👍 Thoughts?

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