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Hi all! 

tried this tactic out and thought I’d share as it seemed to work really well for me. I originally tried it with Hull who I took to premier league and European champions within 5 seasons so thought I’d see if it worked with lower league teams and it has the same results. This is only the first 15 games so I will update once I finish the season.

even though the mentality is ‘control’ don’t be expecting 65% possession. Sometimes you may get 60 but most of the time it’s mid 50’s. I originally had it set to attacking but i was consistently getting lower than 50 but still winning games. I just wanted to control the game a bit more and reduce the amount of goals conceded and ‘control’ seemed to do that. 

As you can see below, this is quite a high scoring tactic with all 4 attackers contributing but the vast majority come from the T so I would advise getting the best you can for that position. 

DLP and BWM rarely get a better rating than a 7 but this didn’t bother me, they were doing their job. 

its a fairly straight forward tactic and relatively plug and play but if any of you try this and get even better results in terms of possession let me know. 











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tactic works very well! I changed the DLP to BBM and this helped with his rating and got him involved in the goals too. As you can see, the T definitely scores the most goals and the SS got the most assists with 20. I lost to Birmingham on penalties in one cup and lost 2-1 to Burnley in the other but had a man sent off in the first half. This formation definitely competes at all levels. Let me know if any of you try it and how you get on



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