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Career La Triple Menace: Rob goes to France - Season 03


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On 13/01/2024 at 22:37, FuddledFox said:

Building momentum beautifully now with those ITN goals a real boost.

100% agree on ITN. But, blimey, ITN is annoying! Thanks dude.

On 14/01/2024 at 09:35, StuartM said:

Looks like those guys can still get better, a bit more pace might help Kroupi perhaps? Still, excellent progress!

Cheers Stu. Kroupi is an odd one, sadly. Will post 3 soon.

added 0 minutes later
On 16/01/2024 at 10:31, shosky said:

Doesn't Somuano's decision making affect his performance? 

I did wonder that. I’m never too sure what stats matter and when. Can only assume decision making means he won’t take shots at certain times? Never sure what matters. What do you think?

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Season 03

More of the same, really. Lots of transfers as per usual.



A pretty world class team at this point. We unlocked rich benefactor at this point, which was ironic considering it’s PSG.


The lads looked like this at the end of the season:


Two of them with 20 aerial. Lambourde never rises above 16 in this whole career.

The lads did well and clean sweeped the lot…


…and got 134 goals between them for both club and country. A nice jump from season 2.


Thanks for reading!


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3 hours ago, Rob said:

You’re the last person who needs any tactics!

Oh well, worth a try! 😀

Going great there mate, the players are looking fantastic, and scoring a lot already. Smashing it! 

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