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Tactics 4-3-3 Plug N Play


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Hey guys, I wanted to share my current favorite tactic. It’s worked really well for me in lower leagues so far, and although I haven’t tested it in a top team, I feel like it should be strong enough to be solid. This tactic is great for people who don’t really like to micro-manage their tactics in game, and prefer to focus more on building up their team. 

This tactic works fine with weaker players, but there are some roles which are very important. The RP and AP are both very strong in this year’s game and both require good movement, creativity, decisions, and passing stats. The BPDs would ideally have good pace, aerial, decisions, and passing, but this can be difficult to achieve on a low budget so just prioritize pace and decisions (can be changed to CD if passing stats are too difficult to come by). For the wingers and striker, try to prioritize players with movement, dribbling, and shooting. The other roles are more flexible. The IWB should have good passing, decisions, tackling, and positioning. The WB should have good pace, stamina, movement, and crossing. The BWM should have good decisions, positioning, tackling, and strength. The RP and AP are by far the most important players in this tactic though and they must be prioritized. I recommend trying to find cheap wonderkids for these positions and giving them as much play time as possible to help develop them into great players. 

A couple tweaks could be made which include changing the RP to a BBM, changing the DLF to a PF, changing the IW to another IF, changing the WB to an IWB, and changing the BWM to either an A or a DM. I think it mostly depends on your personnel and the players you already have on your team. 

For in game tweaks, changing the shape to wide and mentality to overload will help generate more chances, while changing to narrow shape and control mentality will help close out games. Other than that, try tinkering with the final third tactics to see what works best for your players. 

Let me know if this tactic works well for any of you or if you have any questions about recommended players for certain positions. Hope this is helpful! :)IMG_1139.thumb.png.83854f727bc15e18f3057e345d274f91.pngIMG_1140.thumb.png.ebb5e266d7400de500c06ef351927c19.pngIMG_1141.thumb.png.dc23879a70ad0735fcb1f8e3b1ef9c4d.png

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