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Tactics 2-3-2-3 FC Koln Tactic


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I first started using this with FC Koln as a variation of a 4-1-2-2-1 Fluid Counter tactic and it has been working wonderfully.

You don't need higly intelligent players but it's more about stamina and pace.

It works against big teams too, I started using it after losing 3-1 to Gladbach as you can see in the picture and lost very few times.

You need to have very fit players for the tactic otherwise you'll get battered or at least lose easily.

I got 9th in the Bundesliga with an under average team, and I'm currently 4th the year after.

One last thing is that the roles are essential in this tactic, I accidentally changed some of them midseason and started a series of bad results, which is the reason I only got 9th







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After another season, I managed to only lose 8 times in the whole season of which 3 in the Bundesliga where I got 2nd place obviously after Bayern.

It works really well although I noticed it requires a good amount of rotation when there are so many fixtures otherwise players might also get "confused by unusual formation"

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