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Tactics Back To The CM03/04


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Hello. I haven't shared any tactics here before, but I really wanted to share this one with you. The tactic consistently dominates every match, and my teams never drop below the top 3. Additionally, I manage lower-league teams, and the match difficulties are usually at levels 3 or 4. I look forward to your feedback. Have a great gaming experience!


Player roles:

Sweeper keeper

2 wing back

2 central defender

Deep lying playmaker

2 roaming playmaker

2 inside forward

Advanced Forward




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I gave a little try in a previous save (year 2027-2028) and I confirm this ia a very solid tactic. 

I managed a team that in 2023 was in Italian  third league and I won everything in 2026-2027 with Old Lady tactic (italian serie A, UCL, Italian cup) but not the best team, compared to classic best squads (Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli).

In 13 games, only a defeat (the first game away in UCL, where I dominated in shoots and possession) and 11 wins (also vs. Napoli, Milan and Juventus) plus 1-1 away against Inter (where I dominated). 

Positive aspects:

Dominating shoots statistics

Defense finally can prevent counters and opponents' long passes

Rooming players letals in attack

IF gives lots of assist

Finally...dangerous crosses!

Defensive solidity (3 goals conceded in 13 games)


Negative aspects:

Advance Forward seems less effective that in other kind of tactics (even if he scored 7-8 gol in 13 games): the final tactical report at end of games often report that as a problem.

The average goals scored (23 in 13 games) is good but not the best suited.



Really very good work, anyway!


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Thank you for your feedback. Actually, that's what I want in the striker position as well. Just being there when the opportunity arises. Insıde forwards and roaming playmakers already take very active roles. Also, I'm glad you liked it. Good games.


By the way this is the end of the current season



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