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Tactics Grim&Frim party in Leverkusen(3-4-2-1)


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I wasn't sure if I should post this considering there are already 2 tactics featuring Leverkusen but ultimately I decided it's never too much of them these days, they're playing incredible.

The first tactic i tried out in fmm24 was the overpowered 3-4-1-2 from the 23 version and it's still pretty strong but i wanted something different. I again tried testing with WBs(3-2-2-1-2) but this time with a national team(Serbia) and it worked incredible. I reached semifinals of Euros beating Germany(twice) and Italy before i got wrecked by England. With high hopes i tried it at club level but as you might imagine it sucked. I returned to the 3412 but since Bayer have so many attacking midfielders I wasn't content with not giving playing time to some of them so i switched to 2 AMC which produced mixed results in 23 version. 

PF was/is the usual role for the lone striker in this lineup but I felt it just didn't involve him much in the build-up so DLF and CF were my options. In the beginning of the season i switched between them but by November i settled on DLF which proved to be better. 

SS is essential in this lineup and for the other AMC i settled for AM beacuse I felt I didn't need AP as I already had DLP and DLF and AM generally pushes more forward than AP. 

DWs are by now a trademark for this tactic so having Grimaldo with his setpieces + Frimpong with his pace and dribbling are the best thing you could ask for. As for midfield, I retained BBM putting him behind SS so they don't overlap on the field and tried with Palacios at first but he struggled so Andrich stepped in and crushed it. In my opinion, its far more important for the BBM to have good defensive ratings than Movement and Pace (Andrich himself having 10 move and 11 pace). As for the other midfielder, I wasn't satisfied with RP, maybe they nerfed the role a bit(?) and beacuse I wanted more cover in defensive midfield+someone who BPDs can give the ball to i figured i should just go with the DLP even tho I knew the rating is gonna be bad but he does the job and Xhaka did just fine.

Back 3 are all BPDs compared to last year when I used CB in the centre or even all 3 CBs. Compared to before, I managed to get more clean sheets, 16 in the Bundesliga while also conceding only 5 goals in Europa League across all games. 

Had a great season with only downside being 3 losses against Bayern. Was 4pts clear of Bayern but Shick tore his muscle in April and was sidelined for 3 months so I was left with basically Boniface up front. I had to rotate to keep him ready for important games and it cost me the title in the end after not being able to beat Bochum. Last matchday of the season Hoffemheim had 2-0 against Bayern at HT but they pulled of a West Ham and lost 2-3. Grimaldo and Frimpong were fantastic, the latter scoring goals and assisting both from set pieces and open play.

In the fist half of the season I sometimes switched to Attacking mentality and switched to the 3412 if I felt the team struggled and it helped more than not. In the 2nd half it was mostly PLUG AND PLAY with maybe 2 or 3 games exception. 

Again, I realise there already are tactics similar to this, but I think these slight differences are worth it to play this tactic. 

P. S. Sorry for the long text

















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