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Help Why is my player getting gray hair so quickly?


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This is a silly question, i’m well aware, but I wanted to see if there was a gameplay reason as to why my player was getting gray hair so quickly- in FMM23 I’d usually see it at around 31-33, but this poor guy is 26. I rotate my squad a ton, and he only averages 36 games a year so surely it’s not playing time? 



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Wow this is quite brilliant. I never expect the face can change in the game. Kudos to the developer for this additional feature (last FMM played was FMM18 or 19 lol).

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I had an 19 year old Uruguayan CB who had grey hair. If I change his age using the editor so he's younger, he gets his black hair back! It's like he saw a ghost when he was 18 or summit

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