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Career Fantastic story - Levante!


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Hello everyone. First time creating topic. It is very exciting. Today i will show you the incredible season in La Liga Smartbank with Levante. Firstly I choosed this team randomly ( I liked team shirts 😅). After first 12 games i created my own tactic. This tactic inspired by Real Madrid tactics this season. 554718765_Screenshot_20240101_015751_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.7d2e75d9e2c73874a989a93d4551dde9.jpg1201665098_Screenshot_20240101_015753_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.d7866aa18f3ecf18a308239d351d2882.jpg2073050902_Screenshot_20240101_015756_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.1bbc5cc1593444389bf2348f500d9073.jpg





After changing tactic everything improved. Improved incredibly well. Improved impossibly well....477381002_Screenshot_20240101_015315_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.0a183220fbb665d9b2a6f5bc0daeedb3.jpg82922653_Screenshot_20240101_015318_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.b36c7dc3a0163dce10cefcee5fb70d31.jpg1513190418_Screenshot_20240101_015310_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.0168a964674e938c5f9391e8cf5ebc9a.jpg1267242227_Screenshot_20240101_015324_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.0af2cf33bd5b38a60e5ca84f95f3a02e.jpg

Yes! Levante win copa del rey! 

It was incredible moment. Also we promoted to the first division. 1278555933_Screenshot_20240101_014904_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.63b39a6680b2e23feb8fcf28b6888b04.jpg1758687148_Screenshot_20240101_015227_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.159cab95d30f9a70e7e0bcdcd2892931.jpg


And fixtures 1404107658_Screenshot_20240101_015244_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.13dc3a22b1af47705421ad24a2fd7e40.jpg864195620_Screenshot_20240101_015248_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.b9b066431c6003778aa7dea1388281b2.jpg188097052_Screenshot_20240101_015255_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.b67a66a31d1f6114b9ec425acc525e39.jpg




It was very incredible moment when we finished season. I hope you liked it. 

Happy new year! 





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Posted (edited)

Hello again. I didn't think we would go this far. But Levante is a complete team of miracles. At the moment I have finished the 2nd season and I want to show our achievements. 

Firstly we finished La liga in 13th position. I was not surprised at all about this.  730483355_Screenshot_20240102_122130_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.41146aa52a3f1966396b66755bd36784.jpg


But eh😅

We reached Copa del rey final again. But lost to atletico (4-1)🫠

And most important part of this post. 

Levante reached to UEL finals and win it. But it is very funny that when  we played against weak or equal teams in the league we usually lost or hardly get a draw.  Interseting part - in the cup games team was something different. No any tactic  or role changes was made. Players was on another level. In the supercopa we lost to Real Madrid with last minute goal. At the end of the post i will introduce you best players of the team. 


Best striker of first season. He was beast in big games. He's second season was terrible. Few goals and 4 assists. 


Absolute miracle of the save. He was in the second team. But when our goalkeeper was injured i used him. And it was absolutely right decision. His saves was on another level of goalkeeping. Against real madrid, benfica, roma, Barca and more. 


He was best defender at the start of save. So I'm included him there. 


Not the good player at all. But in the some matches he played very well. 


Again good player from second team. Have good potential to grow. 


And Oriol Rey. At the start he was to good. He had good ratings almost every match. Was hero in the some big matches. Had good stats. Unfortunately, he received an offer from Milan. He wanted to go. I let him go just because I respect him so much. At the moment, he cannot get enough playing time in Milan. 

I'm at the third season at the moment and have made some transfers and have some wonderkinds. I will share some information at the end of third season!



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Posted (edited)

Well. This season is maybe the most realistic season of the save. 

Firstly we finished La liga in 3rd postion. 



Copa del rey. Three times in a row in finals. And again we lose it. This time against Barcelona. 1228007661_Screenshot_20240103_151437_FM24Mobile.thumb.jpg.28817d929d5d5f62ecf60ebff857984c.jpg


In the Spanish super cup we lose in semi finals against Real Madrid. 



In the UCL we finished league stage in first place


In the Round of 16 we played against MANU. 



Semi finals and Real Madrid. Owner of competition. And our owners 🫠


Not the best season. 

And players:








Update: Have a bad news. Save is deleted by mistake. And i forgot to export save 🫠. 

Yeah... I'm taking a little (maybe not a little 🥲) break. I don't know when i will start new career?! Or maybe i will create a new tactic?! I don't know. I'm not too upset about the save. Because it is not the first time deleting career by mistake😅. So  I said what want to say.  Have a good day! 


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On 09/01/2024 at 19:42, mmota83 said:

Can you Share the entire formation the photos don't work and the career is amazing

Hello.  I haven't been active for a while, I just visited the page a few times.  I didn't want to make you wait so long.  After the 1st season, I changed my tactics (I couldn't get good results in La Liga).  The tactic I used was: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/49100-false-9-vertical-tiki-taka/

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