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1) Why Melbourne City FC is a Good Choice:

Melbourne City FC is a great choice in Football Manager Mobile due to their strong talent pool and potential for growth. One fact to back this up is that the club has a strong youth academy system, consistently producing top talent for the first team.

2) Stadium & Training Facility Information:

We are fortunate to have a superb quality stadium and training facility. AAMI Park, our home ground, provides a fantastic atmosphere for our matches, and our state-of-the-art training facility ensures that our players are in top condition for every game.


3) Staff Members:

While our staff roster is full, there is room for improvement in terms of quality. However, we have a good mix of experienced and up-and-coming staff members. I've delegated training to the Assistant Manager to ensure that our players receive top-notch coaching, and our finances are very secure, allowing us to invest in the club's future.


4) Squad Changes:

I've made several signings to improve the squad, bringing in talented players who can make an immediate impact. Additionally, I've strategically let go of a few players to create space for new talent and to balance the squad.


5) Tactic Used:

I've implemented a tactic inspired by FC Barcelona's 2010-2011 season, using a 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards upfront. This tactic focuses on possession, quick passing, and high pressing, which has been effective in unlocking opposition defenses.


6) The Results:

I'm thrilled to share that our hard work has paid off. We managed to win the Australia Cup and the Australia Grand Finals after finishing 2nd in the league after 26 matches. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm proud of the team's performance.








Screenshot_20240101_133226_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240101_133203_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240101_133150_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240101_133136_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240101_133108_FM24 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20240101_133055_FM24 Mobile.jpg

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