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Scouting with your eyes for bargains.

Hi, this is a guide on how to spot a valuable player for your team, even if you are a lower division/poor club.

**Note:** This guide applies only to regens.

The first thing you'll have to do is go to the player search menu and select "transfer listed" and an age group of 16-18 to ensure that you have a good selection of youngsters to choose from.

After that, you will have to go through the youngsters that are worth from 10 to 1 million to minimize the chance of finding a dud. After that, you have to look for two types of players.

**Note:** You can expand the age to 20 if your save has gotten far enough in time.406696283_740721394598776_3648720006316641637_n.thumb.jpg.1327037dde53f7d4b9bb5158a83e5971.jpg

Let's name them "too good to be true" and "not so hidden gems."

**Too Good to Be True:**

The "too good to be true" players are either youngsters with amazing stats and potential but abysmal mentalities or players with decent mentalities and amazing stats but low potential. They normally develop very little, but sometimes you can find a diamond amongst the sea of trash.

Too good to be true players normally have the stats of an old player, like a retiring Kevin De Bruyne, and are almost always sold for less than they are worth. Most of the time, a player in this category is an attacker.

This kind of player will almost always not gain much value. Thus, if he can't influence your team and make the first team at the start, don't even bother developing him if you don't have good mentors.406697814_1368175010488492_1302526737209346676_n.thumb.jpg.02a24c6279efd5868f6f016b712f726b.jpg


**Not So Hidden Gems:**

Not so hidden gems are the players that have a high spread in their abilities and are not specialized in anything in particular. In this category, you will find a lot of good central midfielders, defenders, and wingbacks/fullbacks. A player in this category normally develops into a good squad/rotation player and can almost always be sold for a profit.

This kind of player can mostly be thought of as a piggy bank until you have to buy real wonderkids.

Remember that when you see a player that looks like this, he only needs to improve a little for his value to skyrocket.

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