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Chat Many shots, Few on target, Few goals

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Hope y'all are good.

This is just an inquiry on how to improve on my attackers output. My team usually has many shots(both on and off target) but am wondering how I can improve those  shots on target to be goals. ie my team can have about 15 shots, only 5 on target and only 1 goal. How can I improve this to turn into more goals?1716708701_Screenshot_20240104-193809_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.43e0fc416d0dc3c771ff5a4a40221017.jpg123182485_Screenshot_20240104-193812_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.2a2e3f0271afb20eb731c77f23500728.jpg2100091197_Screenshot_20240104-193817_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.4929efb8aed36cebe40e4178e1642e29.jpg2139984959_Screenshot_20240104-193825_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.b3d79ce4bbe5dd41f7d6b89acc42f084.jpg56691934_Screenshot_20240104-193543_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.5c3c0419d0586b261fa9010ba5716fc3.jpg771862010_Screenshot_20240104-193504_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.02f009e84827a877198c1bb82db9cf5f.jpg

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Just get rid of 'shoot on sight' because that combined with an attacking mentality is a recipe for wasted efforts from ridiculous positions.

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Fully agree with @Franky1971

  • Shoot on sight is encouraging your players  to shoot whether there is a small opportunity (more shots, lower quality of chances)
  • Work into box encourages your players to keep passing / keep possession until there is a good opportunity (fewer shots, higher quality of chances).

Also having a ‘fast’ tempo means your players are always rushing their actions. Trying to be as quick as possible. Moving it to ‘normal’ tempo could also help 👍   

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