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Career My Raków Częstochowa F.C Journe

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Why Raków Częstochowa F.C. are a good choice?

Raków Częstochowa F.C. is a solid choice for any aspiring manager. Their recent rise in the Polish football scene is impressive, with the club securing a spot in top-tier competitions. Notably, Raków Częstochowa F.C. finished as runners-up in the 2020-2021 Ekstraklasa, showcasing their potential for success.

Stadium & Training Facility Information

The club's stadium and training facilities are of adequate quality, providing a suitable environment for player development and match preparation. While there is room for improvement, these facilities meet the basic requirements for a team competing at the highest level of Polish football.


Staff Members

Raków Częstochowa F.C. boasts a full staff roster, although there is a need to enhance the overall quality of the team. However, the existing staff members are dedicated and possess a strong work ethic. Additionally, I have delegated training responsibilities to the Assistant Manager, allowing me to focus on strategic decisions while ensuring that the team receives quality training. Furthermore, the club's finances are secure, providing a stable foundation for future growth and development.


Squad Changes

During this transfer window, we have made several strategic signings to strengthen the squad. These acquisitions are aimed at bolstering key areas and improving overall team performance. Additionally, we have carefully managed outgoings to maintain a balanced squad capable of competing at the highest level.


Tactic Used

I have implemented a tactical approach inspired by FC Barcelona's successful 2010-2011 season, utilizing a 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards upfront. This strategy emphasizes possession-based play, high pressing, and fluid attacking movement, aiming to replicate the success of one of football's most iconic teams.


The Results

Our efforts have paid off, as Raków Częstochowa F.C. achieved remarkable success in the past season. We secured the Ekstraklasa title, marking a historic triumph for the club. Additionally, we clinched victory in the Polish Super Cup and the Polish FA Cup, showcasing our dominance in domestic competitions. However, our journey in the Champions League was cut short as we exited in the group stages, providing valuable lessons for future European campaigns. Overall, it has been a season of significant accomplishments, and I am excited to build on this success in the upcoming campaigns.








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