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Career My Club América FC Journey

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Why Club América FC are a good choice?

Club América FC is a great choice for any football manager looking for a challenge. With a rich history and a large, passionate fan base, the club offers a fantastic platform for success. In fact, Club América FC holds the record for the most Liga MX titles, having won the championship a total of 13 times.

Stadium & Training Facility Information

Club América FC boasts an impressive stadium and top-notch training facilities. The Estadio Azteca, the club's home ground, is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world, with a seating capacity of over 87,000. The training facilities are state-of-the-art, providing an excellent environment for player development and preparation.


Staff Members

While our staff is currently full, there is room for improvement in terms of quality. We have a dedicated and hardworking team, but we are actively seeking to bolster our coaching and scouting staff to ensure that we have the best talent on and off the field. Training responsibilities have been delegated to the Assistant Manager, allowing me to focus on other crucial aspects of management, and our finances are secure, providing a stable foundation for the club's operations.


Squad changes

In an effort to improve the squad, we have made a number of signings and departures. We have brought in several exciting new players who we believe will strengthen the team in key areas, while also allowing some players to move on in order to create space for fresh talent.


Tactic used

I have implemented a tactical approach inspired by FC Barcelona's successful 2010-2011 season, utilizing a 4-1-2-3 formation with three pressing forwards up front. This high-pressing, possession-based style of play has proven effective in both unlocking opposition defenses and dominating matches.


The results

I'm thrilled to report that our hard work has paid off. We recently secured victory in the Liga MX Torneo, triumphing in both finals to claim the title. Additionally, we advanced to the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF Champions League, showcasing the progress and potential of our squad. These achievements are a testament to the dedication and skill of our players and staff, and I'm excited to continue building on this success in the future.








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