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Help Issue with "form wall" istruction

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Hello everyone, 

In my present career I have experienced a new issue. I have set the instructions for set pieces. For the area just outside the box, when on defence, I want 4 men to form wall. Below you can see the chosen players for this duty. Screenshot_2024-01-09-07-50-16-540_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.98028b99761aff0bcf861e322341288a.jpg

Unfortunately I have not recorded the screen but, during several matches, it has happened that we have conceded free kicks in that zone and it seemed like only 2 players have formed the wall (or maybe there is a perfect superposition). By the way this costed us some goals against. 😑

I know this is quite strange. But at the moment I can't see anything different from my standard approach in setting instructions. 😕

Any though / idea is appreciated. Thanks

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5 hours ago, Migraz said:

Hola a todos, 

En mi carrera actual he experimentado un nuevo problema. He establecido las instrucciones para las piezas del conjunto. Para el área a las afueras de la caja, cuando estoy en defensa, quiero que 4 hombres formen la pared. A continuación puedes ver los jugadores elegidos para este deber. Captura de pantalla_2024-01-09-07-50-16-540_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.98028b99761aff0bcf861e322341288a.jpg

Lamentablemente no he grabado la pantalla pero, durante varios partidos, ha sucedido que hemos concedido tiros libres en esa zona y parecía que solo 2 jugadores han formado el muro (o tal vez hay una superposición perfecta). Por cierto, esto nos costó algunos objetivos en contra. 😑

Sé que esto es bastante extraño. Pero por el momento no puedo ver nada diferente de mi enfoque estándar al establecer instrucciones. 😕

Cualquier idea /es apreciada. Gracias

A piece of advice that helped me a lot, put your best headers on the barrier, if there are 3 or 4, and your best player or players who are quick on the counterattack.

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Just now, Marcelito17 said:

Un consejo que me ayudó mucho, pon tus mejores encabezados en la barrera, si hay 3 o 4, y tu mejor jugador o jugadores que son rápidos en el contraataque.

If anyone has more advice, it would be a pleasure to hear your ideas and advice for good foul defense.

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Hola Marcelito, thanks for the contribution. Gornik Leczna is quite a weak team, so the general idea is to "save" the defenders for man marking and put in the wall other players with less defensive awareness. 

First thing with this kind of team: don't concede on free kicks against. We will try to grab goals in other situations during the match. 🙂

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On 09/01/2024 at 18:58, Migraz said:

Unfortunately I have not recorded the screen

That's it... This is an example of the issue. The arrows indicate the only two men that form the wall, differently from the instructions that ask for 4...IMG_20240111_233335.thumb.jpg.22b824f163e88141d1e6bace3352d35a.jpg

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Good question.

Can I ask what ‘mentality’ you are using? The closer to attacking / overload, the more your team seems to ignore the set piece instructions to be more attacking. 

Also what ‘creative freedom’ are you using? The more creativity you all your team, the more they’ll slightly ignore your tactical setup.

As an example - I often use ‘attacking’ mentality with ‘high’ creative freedom. With an attacking corner, I usually setup 3 players back + 2 outside the box, BUT in the match engine it usually becomes 2 players back + 1 in the box 😠 

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10 hours ago, DanEnglish said:

Can I ask what ‘mentality’ you are using? The closer to attacking / overload, the more your team seems to ignore the set piece instructions to be more attacking. 

It seems the right point.

I have 4 2 4 formation with attacking mentality and high defensive line even if with balanced creative freedom. 

I never noticed this behaviour before. Only an increase of conceded goals made me take a look on this. 😕

I must say I rarely use 4 2 4, I am revitalizing the game in the last careers by randomizing completely the nations, the team to choose and the tactic I am forced to use. 

Update... Other example below. I will try the counter proof: see what is the behaviour if I set balanced mentality 


Edited by Migraz
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