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Tactics Overload 2-2-1-1-4 Schalke, Liverpool

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First of all, my native language is not English, so sorry for any mistakes.

I started a career with Schalke 04 (2nd Bundesliga) and am now in 2032.

I already used this tactic in the 2nd league and from League 1 onwards I experimented a bit because this tactic only works with good teams/players. When I had the right players I went back to the tactics.

This tactic comes from an FMM23 post and I have only changed it minimally and will share my experiences with you.

To start with this tactic you really need 11 good players for maximum success.
What you can see, for example, by the goals scored per player, I never once became top scorer in the league with one player because the whole team except the IV's score goals.
So it's better to invest the money broadly and not just in a top striker and first in the defense because this is of course the most important thing with such offensive tactics in order not to be humiliated.6702A0E8-67AD-49C3-9C2E-075E7C2EB0BF.thumb.png.92b4ee958c802d3093644c39d45ebce7.png

Unfortunately, this tactic doesn't always work against Bayern or in the finals.
Here I always had to play with a different tactic, including an overload tactic but slightly modified.

The instructions for the ZM and the ZOM were initially Box to Box and Trequesita but I now have better experience with the role that is recommended for the player, in my case ball-winning midfielder and advanced playmaker.

One striker is always a poacher, the other I play as a complete striker or target player.

Here are a few screenshots from the past seasons and statistics from Schalke's career.34C313A0-7B01-4C11-A4A4-7FBAB2D26CF0.thumb.jpeg.348bf3e8603f22ac11c437bcb2e5b3b2.jpeg

CF87E47C-AA5B-4889-87B7-E7054DCE7739.thumb.jpeg.a778c422725a5d51041796dc80793e9b.jpeg6702A0E8-67AD-49C3-9C2E-075E7C2EB0BF.thumb.png.92b4ee958c802d3093644c39d45ebce7.png678EF819-481D-4EDA-948F-0F5878660675.thumb.png.fd193592dc19a2998ef683377021833c.png056FED34-FEA8-4195-A0D9-A97C4216B796.thumb.png.94011ec5cb0ceb0cf192dc0a8ad868b1.pngOf course, I have to honestly admit that I restarted it in about 4-5 games when I drew or lost once against Leipzig.

But only in the league to play “the perfect season”.

DFB Cup and CL not.

I also had a Liverpool career before this one with Schalke. (5 times in a row champions and always over 100 goals scored but i have no Screenshot.)




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Friend, can you put your game in English and show the tactics in English? Can use it otherwise? 

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