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Career Bonaparte's Return - A European Conquest

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Bonaparte has returned. This time in the form of quite possibly the only French man named, Ian.


Ian has set it upon himself to follow in his ancestors footsteps and conquer Europe (alebit through football).

Throughout his career, Ian will take it upon himself to travel through France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. Winning everything domestically is the only acceptable outcome, and victory will only be final once the Champions League sits above the fireplace in St. Helena.


Starting off unemployed, an attacking manager with one hell of a reputation, it took until February before someone was willing to risk it all on the man.


Sitting top of the league, in the quarter finals of the cup and the last 16 of CL, could the Netherlands be conquered in 6 months?


Stay tuned to find out.


Thanks for reading!

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A relatively easy conquest, with Ian replacing almost all the commanding staff immediately. Knocked out of CL by Benfica and the team already had one hand on the championship, most of this campaign was about tinkering tactics on the battlefield for future use.


Dutch Cup was a walk in the park and Super Cup a comfortable victory after strengthening the squad with a few fresh recruits and drafting in some short-term mercenaries from the loan system.






With the Netherlands conquered, Ian returns to the privacy of St. Helena and keeps an eye on the rest of Europe, waiting for his next nation to conquer.


The Netherlands


Thanks for reading!

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Almost one year after the conquest of the Netherlands, Ian's getting cold feet. Growing restless, knowing he is far from the glory he seeks.

The opportunity to return to France was ignored, for he could feel his path would lead him elsewhere.

Then suddenly, the call came from Italy. And where better to conquer a nation, than from the capital itself.



Upon reviewing his new troops, Ian realised a lot needed to change. More firepower at the front, added numbers and steel in the middle, and increased pace in the rearguard were all desperately needed if dominance was to be asserted over Italy.





As preparation for the upcoming battles began, the troops were tested in some minor overseas encounters and proved themselves nicely. They showed promise, however Ian could see the cracks showing already and knew already this campaign would be longer than the last. Quite possibly reinforcements would be needed, although they would have to wait.


As expected, the capital itself will be the first city to challenge the gold and red wolves.


Rome wasn't built in a day, however can it be conquered in one?


Thanks for reading!

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