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Chat Transfer market Issues

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I'm getting bit frustrated by the Transfermarket.

I'm playing with KAA Gent in Belgium now for 4 seasons. 

Transfers are a real joke.
When I want to sell players, their value drops 30-50%.
Then a team come to bid about 70-90% of that new value. Sometimes they are willing to go a bit higher, but not too much.
Once the player is sold, his value goes up 3-4 or even 500% of his initial value before transferlisting...

Example of a transfer i just did :
Second GK got a value of 3.8m 
Once he got tranferlisted it dropped to 2.7m
After negociating hard time, I managed to sell him for 3.2m to Aston Villa.
Once the player signed his value went up to 12.25m

Buying players goes bit likewise.
I have to pay big money above their value.
Once they join the team their value drops like hell and most of the times also their stats drop...

Really frustrating as it takes ages to compensate this glitch in transfermarket.
I would really like to get KAA Gent to compete with the biggest clubs, but it seems unrealistic when I loose this kind of money each season.

Any suggestions to solve this, or is this just 'normal'?

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It's normal. Their value will drop back down some time later unless they are performing exceptionally well. The exception could be if their contract is expiring with 18 months, in which case it reflects real life scenarios where the player value drops significantly and then shoots up once he signs a long term contract.

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I understand.

But why does the opposite always happens when buying players?

In 90% of the cases stats drop a little and value is nowhere near what it was before signing (much lower).

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Aston Villa has an higher reputation then Gent and the league too. I can image this also having impact on it.

The only tip I can give you and which you probably already know is: offer players out for way below their value, works perfect fot me. I get around 200% more then their value.

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