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Help Any tips/advice with this tactic?

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Hi guys, this is my first post.

I need/want some guidance or tips to evolve this tactic.

If i am being honest, im not doing bad at all, i am in my 4th season and I am on course of winning back back 2 trebles lol, but I feel like this can be better. I feel like i could be scoring a lot more of goals, most of my wins are by 1 gd o 2 maybe, only some occasional batterings here and there. I would also like for my starting AP (Baldanzi) to get more assists and be more involved, he is a bit inconsistent and I am not sure if thats down to him, to my tactics doing him no favours or what. To do that I tried for a bit a 4213 with him as the AMC and a BWM and a B2B like the tactic from danEnglish, but he still was a bit inconsistent and the results like I said still werent the best (ofc i know that i cant score 4 or 5 goals every game but i still feel that it could be better). He is currently on 5 assists and 19 goals, most of his goals are from set pieces and a short period when I put him as a T and he got a lot of goals bc o that, but then I noticed that I lost a lot of control and passes options when attacking bc he was so far up the pitch, and as he is not messi its not worth it.

I also was thinking that maybe the thing with baldanzi has to do with him being "young" (he is 24 in save rn) or what

Anyway, anyono thinks the tactic can be better? Feel free to share your thougts and any advice that you could feel would be useful to me, I would appreciate it :)











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If u want to score more use cm_dlp_cm combo and try to improve their Creativity and tackle sign those players who has high creativity and low shooting!!! Shooting should be less than 10!!! U will see ur AF _ IF will score more !!! And play with balance mentality!!!

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Hi mate,

1)Involve AP (Baldanzi) more
     In your formation, DLF and CM can make pass with AP, others players are a little far from AP. And your team mentality is "Attacking".
     Your player will try to pass the ball to front 3 quick. So, I guess there is not much passes for your team.
     My suggestion: 
     a) Change team mentality to "Control" and tempo to "Slow". To ask team to play more passes.
     b) Draw back your right side IF to amr position. Ask him paly close to your AP.

2) Score more
    No direct idea. Current game engine is much random. Same tactics same team same opponent, the result could be very different. 

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