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Tactics Updated Simone Inzaghi Inter tactics -

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Inter are a great team this season, capable of playing in different many different ways depending on the opposition. I've tried my best to capture both their tactical flexibility as well as their attacking prowess and defensive solidity.


3 variants of the tactics below. Have put the reasons for the choices as well. Welcome any feedback.

Team Mentality (Control): Inter, under Inzaghi, has shown a balanced approach, not overly defensive or aggressive.
Width (Balanced): Inter maintains a balanced width to effectively cover the pitch both in defense and attack.
Tempo (Normal): A moderate tempo aligns with Inter's patient and possession-oriented approach, allowing for controlled build-up play.
Creative Freedom (Balanced): While providing some creative freedom, a balanced approach maintains overall structure and tactical discipline.
Defensive Line (Balanced): A balanced defensive line avoids extremes, ensuring stability and preventing vulnerabilities in defense.
Closing Down (Own Half): Pressing in the team's own half ensures a compact defensive shape, reducing spaces for opponents.
Tackling (Committed): Inter's defensive principles involve being assertive and decisive in challenges.
Offside Trap (No): Avoiding the offside trap minimizes the risk of defensive disorganization.
Time Wasting (No): Inter's style involves a purposeful and controlled approach rather than wasting time.
Look for Overlap: Exploiting wing-backs' overlapping runs aligns with Inzaghi's emphasis on width and crosses.
Shoot on Sight: Taking advantage of goal-scoring opportunities from various distances suits Inter's attacking style.
Through Balls: Dynamic forwards like Martinez benefit from through balls to exploit defensive lines effectively.
Passing Style (Mixed): A varied passing style aligns with the team's adaptability in different situations. Content to pass short, but keep the option of a long pass open.
Passing Focus (Mixed): Allows for flexibility in attacking strategies.
Goalkeeper Distribution (Short): Playing short from the back supports patient buildup and ball retention.

Explanation of Player Roles:

(Goalkeeper): Sommer assumes a standard goalkeeper role, focusing on shot-stopping and distribution. His experience and shot-stopping abilities suit this role.
(Braccetto -> Libero): The Libero role for both central defenders allows them to contribute to build-up play. Trying to mimic the 'braccetto' role
(CB): simple defensive stability. Man Mark to neutralize the main striker.
Dimarco (WB): Dimarco operates as a wing-back, providing width in attack. His ability to join the attack and deliver crosses suits this role. Man Mark to ensure they return to help the defence
Dumfries (DW): Dumfries serves as a defensive winger, contributing defensively while providing width, and staying higher up. Man Mark to ensure they return to help the defence
(Regista -> DLP): Orchestrating play from deep. Wish we had Regista as an option.
(Mezzalas -> BBM, AP): Barella and Mkhitaryan function as box-to-box and advanced playmaker Mezzalas, respectively. They offer energy, creativity, and goal-scoring threat. Best approximation we can get without player duty and the mezzala roles
(DLF): linking midfield and attack with his physicality and technical skills.
(AF): capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities .





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Defensive or Counter attacking variant:

Mezzalas -> BWM, CM: Need these players to provide more supporting roles than attacking. Defensive cover as well.
Braccetto -> BPD: Still want them to move the ball and play, but less adventurous.
AF -> PF: Trying to pressure the opposition and win the ball back as much as possible.

Optional: DLF -> SS/AM
Same reasoning as the mezzala change, looking for solidity and discipline.

Team Mentality (Counter): Defensive, but take opportunities as they arise
Tempo (Slow): patient movement, pick the right moment
Creative Freedom (Disciplined): Less risk taking
Defensive Line (Deep): Lower line to allow more space in behind opposition.
Tackling (Cautious): Avoid silly fouls
Run At Defence: Bring the ball forward. Less risky as players keep the ball, and more direct.
Passing Style (Direct): Get the ball forward with intent
Goalkeeper Distribution (Long): Exploit any counter opportunities.


Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.41.02 am.jpeg.png

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 10.48.51 am.jpeg.png

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Attacking variant:

Team Mentality (Attacking): Increase attacking intent for a more aggressive approach.
Tempo (Fast): higher tempo to increase the pace of attacks.
Creative Freedom (Expressive): Increasing creativity and possibility of splitting open the defences
Defensive Line (High): Push the defensive line up to compress the playing space.
Tackling (Committed): Press opponents more aggressively to regain possession quickly.
Passing Style (Short): encourages players to retain possession, which is crucial when adopting a more attacking mentality




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