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Tactics The Eternal Entertainer - 4-2-1-3

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The Inspiration:

So, Miki's tactic became a favourite of mine in FMM23 and continued to be one in FMM24, but in the latest game it worked really well, but could at times concede a lot of goals and if your attack wasn't at it despite still creating loads, then you'd end up with annoying defeats, sometimes by multiple goals.

Initially tried and tested with Bayern on FMM23, so took the plunge with them in FMM24 trial run with remarkable results.

The lesson learned:

Posted this yesterday in my excitement, but there is a real lesson on the high press within for all budding FMMers and it has transformed the tactic into a real killing machine,


The Tactic:




As per Miki's tactic, I would say this is a tactic for a big dog of whatever league you are in. As always, we're looking for aerial and pace from our central defenders to clear up the long balls being launched to beat our press. Wing backs need plenty of pace and tackling ability. Creative guys willing to put in the work required up top. 

Fixtures? FIXTURES!!:







A stunning effort for the first season, marred only by losing the Champs League Final.


The better side for the most part, but cut down at the last from an invincible season.


Vital Statistics:


The Shadow


Right Forward


Left Forward


BBM (Big Baller Madness)


RP/RBs depending on the day...



The Utility Man - RB (Newly trained to prolong career)/SS/RF


The Understudy


All in all, a stupendous start. Think adding some decent squad depth and a proper RP might make it even better as the blistering start slowed down and some games became squeakier with the bus coming along to see things out.

Cheers, Vibe. Hope this works for some of you. 

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33 minutes ago, COakley said:

Will test with an English league 2 team do you have any Corner set ups or is it just default.

MCs mark keeper. DC far post. ST near post. AMC, RF & LF lurk outside. Aim for Penalty spot, but might change to Near Post.

Guys lurking get lots of shooting chances when cross is cleared.

Rest of Defence stay back. 

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3 hours ago, COakley said:

Will test with an English league 2 team do you have any Corner set ups or is it just default.

Done a complete season with wrexham can say it is a good goal scoring tactic but as for league and cup performance lead a lot to be desired.

I will try again with Walsall and adjust my defence to try and keep the goal against down 


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That was my fear down the leagues. I'm experimenting with the full back areas because as such the WBs didn't contribute greatly with assists or anything.


Hibs were the other tram I worked with in FMM23, so will keep you updated if I find a way to integrate with a bit more solidity.

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Used this tactic with Roma for two years solid, and won the serie A and Europa Cup, and Champions League. It’s also turned Ikanrunda into a beast already. 




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On 08/02/2024 at 20:04, Kylestuartmorgan said:

Used this tactic with Roma for two years solid, and won the serie A and Europa Cup, and Champions League. It’s also turned Ikanrunda into a beast already. 




Awesome. I've started experimenting with a BWM in front of the back two with the BBM replaced by the RP. Stops some of those break away goals, but a lot of the defeats are classic FMMings.

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20 hours ago, Kawsar_Ahmed said:

What should I be my pressing forward's main attributes?

Per Miki's original thread, the focus is on Aerial, Pace, Passing and Creativity throughout the team. Obviously want good shooting ability on top of that and Teamwork would be a good bonus too.

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